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Heidi Sousse hesodesigns at yahoo.com
Thu Jul 19 20:24:39 EDT 2007

I am a member of hidden tech and haven't really asked for anything before, but I really need someones help right about now.  I don't want this to sound like a sad little story but there's no way around it.  Recently I've become disabled and in order for me to get health insurance I have to work at least 40 hours a month.  It doesn't matter how little I get paid just as long as mass health knows I have a job.  I prefer to never make more than $600 a month anyway.  I'm a trained and experienced graphic designer I can also do odd jobs that normally would take time away from regular employees.  There is a plus side for anyone who might be willing to hire me, you might be eligible for tax deductions and bonuses because of my disability.

I'm really hoping that out of the 100 or more people that I may reach some one could help me, even if you can't personally at least let me know about someone who could use me.  I would be able to discuss more and work out a plan so that my limitations don't get in the way.  I can be reached at 413-552-7217 or at 413-533-9020.  I apologize for being so straight forward and not beating around the bush, I realize that under normal circumstances people run away from too much information so soon - but I don't have much time to be wasting and I'm really hoping compassion comes before judgment.  Thank you for your time I do appreciate it.  

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