[Hidden-tech] Vonage or something similar?

Matthew Crocker matthew at crocker.com
Fri Jul 13 14:27:16 EDT 2007

> Hi
> Ive seen a  few skype compatible phones around:here's one Linksys  
> cit300. they retail for about $90.
> there are other brands ive read about that are essentially the  
> same, you might find a better price than that on something else.  
> (My experience is vonage with a  router supporting QOS works good,   
> 97% of the time)

A router on your end of the link will only control the QoS of the  
traffic you are sending to the Internet (i.e you will sound great to  
your callers).  It does nothing to help inbound QoS, that has to be  
done on the other end of the link by your service provider.   This is  
what NetNeutrality is all about.  An ISP could easily kill Vonage or  
any other ITSP by destroying the QoS on their trafic.

Ideally you would want to find a VoIP provider that can also provide  
your Internet bandwidth (but I'm biased).    I prioritize my VoIP  
traffic from my switch on my network.  All of my VoIP leaves my  
network as TDM.  guaranteed call quality, 100% of the time.  I can  
also provide true business PBX service off my switch,  4 digit  
dialing, unified messaging.  You can't really do that with Vonage  
(last I checked).


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