[Hidden-tech] Updates on the HT web sites

webmaster webmaster at hidden-tech.net
Thu Apr 12 09:29:52 EDT 2007

Just to update you all about what is happening with the web site,
and related Hidden-Tech online services.

1) The Good-dobee message will be moving, for all those who
value email real estate.

2) The Board web development committee is doing an architectural review
of the public site (www) and the services site (live) with an eye
toward a consistent design and to meet the five years of feedback and requests
from the Hidden-tech community.  More on this over the next few months.

3) In the meantime, I wanted to point out that the LIVE site has an 
event calendar what is open for all (registered) users to post local
events - we added it to the main menu to be able to find it more easily.

Anyone with web site comments or have any issues using the forums or
calendar please email me directly (off line).

And thanks for your support of Hidden-tech

Rich the Webmaster


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