[Hidden-tech] CREATIVE: at least two H-Ters in Hamsphire Shakespeare production

Shel Horowitz shel at frugalfun.com
Fri Oct 27 08:56:25 EDT 2006

>So if you have these sorts of accomplishments, don't hesitate to 
>post them to the list and our FORUMS. And mark them CREATIVE. You'll 
>find that this is a big buzz word (for better or worse) and you may 
>get some attention from those checking for that label.
>Amy Zuckerman
>Hidden-Tech Founder, Clerk

Jim MacRostie (Robin's husband) and I are among the actors in Burning 
Words, Hampshire Shakespeare production, Nov. 17-19, Northampton 
Center for the Arts. A play based on true characters and incidents 
about a Catholic Church campaign to destroy every Jewish holy book in 
Germany, circa 1509-1521.

Also, my wife, Dina Friedman, reads from her latest young-adult novel 
Playing Dad's Song, November 1 at Broadside, also in Noho.
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