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Marcia Yudkin marcia at yudkin.com
Thu Oct 26 10:22:36 EDT 2006

> Affiliate sales are a pretty small part of my business, but what I do
> is I have three different rates: I pay 50 percent on e-books, 25
> percent on printed books and speeches, and 10 percent on client work.
> The way I work this is with two different shopping carts, one to
> calculate the 25% sales and one to track the 50%. The client
> referrals are easy to track manually, as there's not a big stream of
> them.
> --


Do your site visitors get irritated with the two separate shopping carts?  I
also have separate shopping carts for tangible items and for downloadable
products, and occasionally I get an exasperated email from someone who tried
and failed to place one order for the two kinds of stuff.

Because of this, I'm on the verge of creating one new shopping cart for
everything.  So I'll be interested in your experience on this!

Marcia Yudkin, Goshen

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