[Hidden-tech] Any web hosts running MySQL 5?

Charlie Heath chasheath at comcast.net
Wed Oct 25 12:29:59 EDT 2006

My host (ehostpros.com) still runs MySQL 4.  I looked at GoDaddy and they 
say that's what they run as well.

I'd like to be able to use some of the features in MySQL 5, as the 
management tool I want to provide  (Navicat) so a client can write their own 
simple queries and reports, has some features like views that require MySQL 

Any thoughts on this?  I can stick with MySQL 4 , but would consider either 
alternate hosts or a different client tool.  Views look like they would 
simplify my presenting data in a way that the client can use it without 
jumping through as high a hoop.

Thanks for any thoughts.

Charlie Heath
Blue Herring Consulting


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