[Hidden-tech] Recommendation for Web Hosting, Etc.

Bruce G. Hooke bghooke at att.net
Wed Oct 18 23:15:25 EDT 2006

I use Axishost.com to host a number of websites and I have been quite happy
with them. 

In addition to the questions Dan asked, which are very pertinent, another
question is what level of support are you looking for? Places like Axishost
are inexpensive, and if well run can be reliable (AxisHost certainly has
been for me), but typically support is via a web/email based ticket system
and it takes a few hours to get a response. So, if you are dealing with a
website where issues need to be resolved NOW, you should go with someone who
you can always get on the telephone. Similarly, if you have special
requirements it may well make sense to go with a local company that can
provide customized services.

I recommend registering your domain name with one of the big domain
registrars. After a fair amount of research I settled on Dotster.com.
GoDaddy.com is another option. That way, if something goes wrong with the
hosting company your domain is not with the same company so it is easier to
recover and get back up and running. 

- Bruce

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We have been having a hard time with emails and our web site.  We are
looking for someone to provide Web Hosting, E-mail and Domain Registration.
We currently use I-Power.

If any one can recommend a reliable company we'd certainly appreciate it.

Beverly J. Ouellette
Phillips Insurance Agency, Inc.
97 Center Street
Chicopee, MA  01013
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