[Hidden-tech] Clean energy planning process for Pioneer Valley-on line survey

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I'm not a big forwarder, as you know, but this is important.  The Pioneer
Valley Planning Commission is a non-profit, Hampden-Hampshire-Franklin
County wide body that address many issues strategy to Western Mass issues
(http://www.pvpc.org/).  In fact, they've been cited for their economic
development work in rallying together the broader region and creating a
10-year strategic plan for the region.  One issue they are addressing is
Clean Energy.  They are asking for citizens to take this survey.  


Actually, I just took it (5 min long) and it is less a survey and more a
vote (Take the survey if you want more clean energy options in Western MA).





From: Hogan,Samalid [mailto:Shogan at PVPC.ORG] 
Sent: Friday, October 06, 2006 11:17 AM
Subject: Clean energy planning process for Pioneer Valley-on line survey
Importance: High


Please take this survey immediately! 


It will only take a few minutes.

It's a very important part of our clean energy planning process. Only 24
people have completed the survey. We need hundreds to have meaningful
results. If you already completed it-THANK YOU!


Please forward this email to all your email lists.


Catherine Miller

Principal Planner/Section Manager


Pioneer Valley Planning Commission


Please participate in our on-line Clean Energy Planning process, go to



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