[Hidden-tech] Epson CX4600 cartridge set free to good home

Janis S. Gray jsgray at crocker.com
Thu Oct 27 10:39:29 EDT 2005


My Epson CX 4600 printer developed a defect. In trying to "fix" the problem (the black ink head suddenly stopped printing), I bought a new package of cartridges, including black, cyan, magenta and yellow, figuring I'd need new colored ones eventually. A $58.99 value at Staples.

The new black cartidge didn't work, either. The colored cartridges are still in the box, but the black one has been opened. I doubt I can return them to Staples because of this.

Because the CX4600 was still under warranty (yay!), Epson sent me a new printer to replace it. However, it is a CX 4800 -- a newer version that needs DIFFERENT cartridges.

If anyone has a CX 4600 out there, you are welcome to the cartidges I now cannot use! Especially if you are a non-profit (or know of one that could use them). I'd hate to just throw them out.

Janis Gray
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