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Your experience with Dell sure varies from mine. I've been a Dell customer
for 10 or more years, have occasionally needed their support, and found it
excellent...above and beyond expectations. Of course, I didn't need support
during the time that they had off-shored much of the effort, and after some
complaints, I understand that they've brought much of their technical
support back from India.

If you've got the extended warranty on the Dell, I'd definitely go there
first. That Service Tag is the magic item, and if you can't find it on the
machine, it's probably in a ReadMe or other documentation file that probably
was automatically installed with your other software.


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> Hi Fred,
> Not to be vague but it could be the memory, mainboard or power supply.
> ;) It could be determined easily enough by a local computer company.
> You're probably looking at one hour. The status light info (and what
> that amber color means) can be found out by contacting dell online, or
> in your manual if you have it. Some of their systems have all kinds of
> cute status lights and Ive actually found them helpful in the past. Ive
> found there site to have good documentation on older systems when you
> put in the service tag. If youre lucky you wont have to call dell
> support for anything. My experiences have been repeatedly frustrating,
> over a period of years. Save yourself the grey hair bring it someplace
> local if youre research yields nothing..
> Fred Levine wrote:
> >   ** Be a Good Dobee and help the group
> >   ** Fill out the survey/skills inventory in the member's area.
> >   ** Remember you must be counted to post .
> >
> >I was wondering if anyone can help me with a computer question.
> >
> >I'm a Mac person, but I have a Dell Dimension 2400 that my kids use. It's
> >only about 2 years old and it suddenly went dead. When the power button
> >pushed, the power light glows amber (instead of green), but there is no
> >sound of a fan, no sound of booting up and no signal to the monitor. I
> >checked all the memory, unplugged and reseated all the cables in the box,
> >but beyond that I have no idea what to do.
> >
> >My question: Does it sound like the power supply? How could I test that
> >without buying a new one?
> >
> >Any help from your technical types out there would be greatly
> >
> >Fred Levine
> >


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