[Hidden-tech] Beta SP?

Reelife Productions-Tom Adams adams001 at comcast.net
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BetaSP is a format or type of broadcast quality video. It used to be the standard for broadcast but it's changing to digital beta and dvcpro.  You could have your BetaSP tape transferred to DVD by one of the hidden tech members that offer this service.  This is a very common practice these days and there should be no quality loss whatsoever.  


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> What is Beta SP?
> Some years ago a client had a broadcast quality video made - and many 
> copies - to send out as part of their promo. Now we'd like to edit 
> that video and put it onto a dvd to send out instead of the 
> videotape. Does anyone know where in the valley this can be done? 
> They did try a place in California about a year ago, and the 
> resulting dvd was such terrible quality that they never sent it out.
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