[Hidden-tech] Business Meeting October 31 Northampton Hotel - Rick Feldman Mayorial Candidate

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Fri Oct 21 23:18:38 EDT 2005

There is  a business meeting on October 31 at the Northampton Hotel, with 
guest speaker Rick Feldman. He is a candidate for Mayor of Northampton.   He 
wants to hear from the businesses, artists and professionals in the area. He 
believes they are the core component that will drive local and regional economic 
renewal and that Hidden-Tech will be an important component. 

This is a great chance to meet with Rick Feldman and the local business 
community to learn about his ideas for shaping a community that works with business 
in a 21st century environment. This is also a chance to lend your insights 
and ideas to that effort.   
So please attend this important city wide meeting at the Hotel Northampton 9 
AM Monday, October 31. Refreshments will be served.

413 587 9842

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