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I can't think of a good reason NOT to want top 10 rankings in Google for search terms like "graphic designer Western Mass" or the like. More and more, people are looking online, and using Google especially, to find everything, so if you're not found there in the top 10, someone else will get the new prospects. Even if you don't want new business, your current customers will appreciate having it be easy to find you via Google even if they've been to your site before. Increasingly, people rely on Google, not their memory or website bookmarks. Where I work, our high rank in search engines is driving our business so I'm biased.

Therefore, the question is whether that business that called you is the right one at the right price to get you a better rank. It shouldn't cost much to get good results. 

I know a lot about search optimization if you want to run a few things by me before making a decision. One thing to keep in mind is that the key to a good rank is the content of your site, not some magic or metatags by some search expert. It's your effort on the site that makes the biggest difference.

Best wishes,
Val Nelson
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