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On 10/18/05 7:15 PM, "Robin MacRostie" <robin at choreographicdesign.com>

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> I tend to use my site as a brochure and sample portfolio.  Sometimes I put up
> comps for clients.  I haven¹t relied on internet and have found the  yellow
> pages a waste of money and a bigger waste of time .
> Recently, I - and some of you- received a call from an internet optimizer.
> This business person gave me statistics about how many times searchers typed
> the words ³graphic designer² and ³Massachusetts graphic designer²on a single
> day. And wouldn¹t I like my site to be the first in yada yada....
> What I¹d like to know from you designers and perhaps others out there is 3
> things:
> 1. How often do hits on your site result in calls?
> 2. What percentage of these calls would you say result in closed business?
> 3. If your website were optimized so that  your particular niche came out #1
> in a search engine.  Would you want that business?
> Either to the group or directly to me is fine.
> Thanks
> Robin

Hi Robin,

I think the answer to your questions are related to the type of clients/work
you interested in cultivating. For example, I have a ³boutique² type design
business specializing in project management, identity/branding and
publications work. That said, I¹ve done everything from large corporate
interior design and signage projects to web design for businesses and
non-profits.  None of these projects have come to me through my site, though
I believe my site is a valuable resource for clients, ie. particularly in
terms of portfolio review.

The hits on my site generally do not result in calls, though I often refer
new clients to my site for reference. Interestingly, I wouldn¹t want the
hits on my site to result in calls, since that would involve lots of
³brain-picking² and interruption from getting to the work of existing
clients. I¹ve had the same calls we all have from internet
optimizers...again, it depends on what type of work/client base you are
interested in developing. I certainly wouldn¹t want to be #1 on a search
engine in a particular niche because that would result in being inundated
with RFP¹s. 

The best advertising I do for my business is with existing clients (word of
mouth) and the pro bono design work and sponsorships I do.

Also, don¹t discount the good old fashioned yellow pages...one of my best
clients ever came to me through the yellow pages.

Hope this helps.

Best regards,

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