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Robin MacRostie robin at choreographicdesign.com
Tue Oct 18 19:15:48 EDT 2005

I tend to use my site as a brochure and sample portfolio.  Sometimes I put
up comps for clients.  I haven¹t relied on internet and have found the
yellow pages a waste of money and a bigger waste of time .

Recently, I - and some of you- received a call from an internet optimizer.
This business person gave me statistics about how many times searchers typed
the words ³graphic designer² and ³Massachusetts graphic designer²on a single
day. And wouldn¹t I like my site to be the first in yada yada....

What I¹d like to know from you designers and perhaps others out there is 3

1. How often do hits on your site result in calls?
2. What percentage of these calls would you say result in closed business?
3. If your website were optimized so that  your particular niche came out #1
in a search engine.  Would you want that business?

Either to the group or directly to me is fine.

If you wanna get down  - you gotta get up!
                                            - Anon
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