[Hidden-tech] DBA, LLC, or Sub S?

Jacob M Delhagen delhagen at techistry.com
Sat Jul 23 12:37:43 EDT 2005

Hi Charlie,

Techistry is an S Corp because we wanted the abilit to issue stock / 
ownership to investors and key people.  However, an LLC is much simpler to 
maintain and would be fine if you don't plan on having share holders.

While there are alot of good law firms in the area, it's worth your time and 
money in my opinion to hire the Nicolai Law Group http://www.niclawgrp.com/ 
. He is one of the best lawyers we have used when it comes to IP and tech 
realted issues.

On the non legale side you might also try Bob at http://www.theheathmgt.com/ 
or  Karen Utgoff http://www.utgoff.com Both of these companies provide IP 
consulting services and have been very valuable to us as the firm matures.

Just my two Cents,
Jake -

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> Looking into incorporating in Mass, it appears that LLC is more costly 
> than Sub S because of a bigger state fee assessed annually.  Can anyone 
> who has gone through these hoops comment on advantages of either LLC or 
> Sub S for a Mass business?
> What threshold would you pick for switching from DBA to INC?  I'm 
> considering switching from doing small software contracts on my own to 
> taking on a somewhat bigger contract and subcontracting part of the work 
> out.  Will INC really protect me a lot more than DBA for this purpose?
> Thanks .
> Charlie Heath
> dba Blue Herring
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