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Daniel Fried dan at creativeconstructs.com
Wed Jul 20 15:07:15 EDT 2005


Oddly enough...

We are about to launch a preview release of our new CMS (actually it's a
framework for building CMS applications, but don't let that scare you, it's
quite easy to use).  This application is written in CFML.

Permissions are quite flexible, and if the site is set up for it, will allow
the editing of only parts of pages (this will probably take more explanation
than is reasonable for an email).

Some other features that relate to what you mention you are looking for...

1.  Theme based design with inline editing of themes which can include
multiple page "wrapper" designs, including printer friendly and email
friendly wrappers.

2.  Administrators can define content types on-the-fly and create and assign
specialized layouts for different types.  Some types being used by companies
in the pre-release development stage are; Pages (default type), Articles,
Profiles, FAQs, Events, Contacts, Publications and Whitepapers.

3.  The Widget Wrangler (hey, we like the name) allows dynamic content to be
easily inserted into any page or wrapper.  Standard Widgets include
calendars, contact forms, menus, content item lists, and a site map.  There
is also a mechanism for adding custom Widgets written in CFML.

Other features of interest are an XHTML compliant WYSIWYG editor that's not
dependant on Windows or IE, version tracking, customizable forms and a
mailing list manager.

I have no idea if your client would be interested in working with a system
that's still in pre-release, or if their schedule is such that they could
wait for it's final release (probably officially in September), but we are
very interested in finding a few more partners interested in providing us
feedback while working with an early version.

-Dan Fried
Creative Constructs

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I am currently looking for an off the shelf CMS for a client.  Does anyone
have any suggestions?

The CMS should have the following functions:

* Group based permissions
* Permissions based on an entire page, or a specific part of it 
	(this seems like a tough one to me in an off the shelf product)
* Asthetically Pleasing/Skinable
* Calendar
* The ability to add Custom Components
* MS SQL backend

Ben Liyanage
ben at smartankgroup.com
(no signal? Try 617-969-2240!)

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