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Wed Jul 20 14:58:34 EDT 2005

I am looking for a broadcast assistant.
I and my company, Benidee Products,  are sponsoring a fundraising  memory 
tournament on September 24th and 25th at the Florence community center. 
This is a not for profit event. I am paying for the room, and the prizes  and 
hoping to get some sponsors to join in. I do not have funds for anything  
beyond those expenses. The charge to entrants is nominal, but some of it  can be 
used to defray costs of setup.
My compensation is to gain experience and exposure from the event, and that  
would have to be the same for whoever takes on this task. The individual  
would film the event and perhaps assist in getting the event broadcast on one of  
the local cable stations. It is reasonable to put credits on etc.
The tournament will emphasize illustrations that need to be recalled. So  
part of the trick will be in having pictures which are on small cards project  
overhead to be seen by the audience, so that they can participate vicariously.  
Probably combine use of some sort of overhead projector.
It is possible that if the event proves successful, this could become an  
annual national event or potentially a series. In that case whoever does this  
will have a leg up on taking on that project.
The rights to this recording would be shared, however, any profits that  
could come from it are to be set aside as contributions to schools.  If the  event 
works out I hope it will be a little dynamo generating work for our hidden  
tech community and the pioneer valley and bringing revenues our way from an  
international market.
It should be very interesting work and done properly will  garnish quite a 
bit of attention. Wish i could be paying someone to do  this, but hopefully that 
time will come.
Barry Roth
413 587 9842   
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