[Hidden-tech] Health insurance - HSA experience?

Christian Lagier clagier at sprynet.com
Mon Feb 28 17:38:59 EST 2005

Somebody told me that the new HSA (Health Savings Accounts) could be the 
answer, possibly for you, but specifically good for the self-employed. 
Does anybody have any experince with HSAs in Massachusetts? Who provides 



Jonathan Dill wrote:
> Hello people,
> I changed jobs and my new job has a 90-day waiting period for health 
> insurance and COBRA for my old job is $1300 a month!  I heard there's 
> such a thing as temporary health insurance that would just cover 
> emergencies that might be cheaper--we could always go to the 24-hour 
> clinic and pay out of pocket if someone just gets sick, it's only for a 
> few months.  I need coverage for me, my wife, and my daughter (who is 5 
> yrs old, just qualifying since insurance seems to handle it differently 
> if the child is over 18).  Also, I should mention that I live in 
> Maryland, so local MA things won't work for me, but info about national 
> plans and general advice will be appreciated.
> Thanks,
> Jonathan
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