[Hidden-tech] Don't Forget Financials/Customers

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Thu Feb 17 17:18:44 EST 2005

Hi Everyone,

         With all the emphasis on filling out the Skills Survey, it's come 
to my attention that many people have missed the Financials/Skills surveys 
that are located on another page in the Web site (see instructions below).

         Several people have raised concerns about answering any questions 
about finances, even if they are expressed in ranges as these are. I can 
assure you that your privacy is secure. The handful of people working on 
the data base that could have access to this information have no interest 
in publicizing ANYTHING but aggregate data. We are here to work on your 
behalf, not hurt you.

         Why do we care?

         The entire self-employment movement is very new and there is not 
all that much information available on virtual companies like ours. There 
are local, regional, state and national officials eager to learn more about 
this trend so that they can assist Hidden-Tech and other organizations that 
assist people like you.

         Knowing what you spend in your region and what your customer base 
looks like (in very general terms) provides a deeper awareness of a) the 
economic importance of the Hidden-Tech movement to this region, and b) 
indicates that we are worthy of support and funding. The surveys were 
backed by Western Massachusetts Electric Company, for example, because 
WMECO believes that Hidden-Tech matters to western Massachusetts. Without 
data, though, no one can know how important we are.

         So, if you haven't filled out any of the surveys yet, please do. 
If you only filled out the skills survey, please take five minutes and fill 
out the financial/customer surveys. And know that your information is 
secure and will be held private.

         Amy Zuckerman
         Hidden-Tech Founder, Co-chair

How to Answer the Surveys

Easy-to-use online survey tools are now "live" on the Hidden-Tech Web site 
at www.hidden-tech.net. All individuals or companies based in a home or 
small-office setting and that depend on technology to drive business are 
urged to fill in the survey. Those who are not yet members need to sign in 
and receive a password before proceeding.

All questions are posted in ranges and/or percentages and will be held in 
the strictest of confidence. Only aggregate data will be released publicly.

Here's what you need to do to fill out the surveys on your own:

             1) Enter the Member's Area and sign in if you have not 
already. There is no charge;

             2) Once you have a password, log in. You will automatically 
enter the Members Skills Page;

             3) Click on No. 2, Edit your Skills Profile;

             4) By filling in the boxed section at the top under the header 
"Member Skill Listing," you automatically make yourself and your business 
searchable by key word(s) to anyone who logs into the Hidden-Tech site and 
is seeking skills and resources;

             5) Now scroll down to the Skills Inventory, which provides the 
organization aggregate data on the skills and resources members have to 
offer. Your listings will be culled in a data base and information gathered 
will eventually be posted on this site and released to interested 
companies, organizations and institutions.

             NOTE: The Skills Inventory is divided between occupation codes 
and skill sets. You have the option of picking up to 20 occupation codes or 
20 skill sets. Three boxes are included at the bottom for miscellaneous 
skills not covered in the pull-down charts.

             6) You must save SEPARATELY after filling in the "Member Skill 
Listing" box and the Skills Inventory.

             7) To enter the Financial Survey and Client Questions return 
to the Member's Skills Page. Click on No. 3, "Answer Financial Survey." 
Once again, you must submit this survey separately.

For more information on the surveys or problems accessing the site, please 
contact Amy Zuckerman, survey developer and Hidden-Tech founder, co-chair 
at 413-253-4124 or at az at a-zinternational.com.


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