[Hidden-tech] giving away a laser printer...

Jon Reed jonreed at earthlink.net
Mon Feb 14 18:09:42 EST 2005

Hello All.

I am looking to give away a used black and white laser printer, 
windows-compatible, an NEC superscript. I have an extra unused photo 
conductor and printer toner cartridge to go with them, each worth about 
$125 each. There is a catch: currently the printer prints pages with a 
couple of small print spots on it - it probably needs a cleaning but I 
haven't been able to fix it on my own, and I ended up buying a color laser 
printer instead.

If you're interested, contact me offlist at jonreed at earthlink.net. First 
come, first serve.  (I am based in Northampton and we can arrange a pick up 
or drop off).

Jon Reed


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