[Hidden-tech] Non-profit contact information

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Tue Feb 8 17:27:32 EST 2005

We all live and work in a sea of non-profit organizations that can be 
difficult to access. Last night David Foster, Director of Hampshire 
Programs for the Center for Human Development; Christine Texiera, a 
steering committee member for the Western Mass Arts Alliance and Technology 
Systems Manager for the UMass Fine Arts Center, as well as Paul 
Robaitaille, president and founder of PCMC - Paradise City Media, provided 
all of us in attendance that pathway to connect with non-profits as 
volunteers, and possibly as paid sub-contractors.

Some of you couldn't attend, but wanted to know how to reach these people 
or their organizations. Here's the contact information:

David Foster - 584-4457
dfoster at chd.org

Paradise City Media Collaborative

Western Mass. Arts Alliance
Maren Brown, steering committee
mtbrown at admin.umass.edu

Hope you connect and find a way to beat isolation, help the community and 
possibly gain some work and work experience.

Amy Zuckerman
Hidden-Tech founder, co-chair


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