[Hidden-tech] Skills News in the Republican

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Fri Feb 4 17:16:12 EST 2005

For those with access to the Springfield Republican there's supposed to be 
a short article on the Hidden-Tech Skills Survey appearing in Saturday's 
business section (I imagine business). Business journalist Bill Freebairn, 
who has often covered HT activities, is planning to write it.

We chatted today and he's intrigued with the wealth of talent and skills 
represented in the organization. I explained, as I've said to all of you in 
our official announcement of the Skills, Financials and Customer Surveys, 
that we hope the data we gather will help you sell yourselves and help the 
region sell you to prospective companies interested in locating here.

The Daily Hampshire Gazette and Amherst Bulletin, among others, have also 
indicated interest in the Skills Survey. Given the media interest, not to 
mention that these tools are designed for your benefit, I'm hoping you'll 
all take a few minutes this weekend to fill out the surveys.

It doesn't take much time to increase your visibility and marketability.

If you have questions about categories and need help, you can reach me at 
az at a-zinternational.com. If you have technical issues with the tools then 
please reach our Webmaster, Rich Roth, through the contact page of the Web 
site at www.hidden-tech.net.

And have fun!!

Amy Zuckerman
Hidden-Tech Founder, Co-Chair


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