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Wed Feb 2 09:44:56 EST 2005

Yes, we have had good luck buying on eBay also.  Have bought both new and 
used, Mac & PC, and have not been burnt. 

It's really pretty amazing what you can find, with relatively little 
hassle, if you create customized searches.  I always specify "Buy It Now" 
items, along with a price range and relevant keywords, etc.  That way you 
don't have to hang around waiting for the auction to end...

--Stephen Eldredge

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On Tue, Feb 01, 2005 at 03:49:12PM -0500, Jonathan Dill wrote:
> Hello folks,
> I'm looking for vendor / model recommendations to buy a Linux PC for 
> under $500 not including monitor.  I'm hoping to get something more or 
> less "off the shelf" like a "bare bones" PC and add some bells and 
> whistles later.  Quick turnaround time 1-2 weeks is essential.  The goal 

> is to have a basic working PC at home for office apps and internet 
> access until I can budget for something with more power.  I've built PCs 

> "from scratch" before, but found I didn't save much money that way, but 
> perhaps I am simply "over-designing."
> Thanks,
> --jonathan

For what it's worth, I have recently had really good luck buying used 
on ebay. I recently acquired a few Pentium II's for about $50/each. Note 
that these are just
the systems, no monitors or OS. Of course they are used, but for the price 
perfect. And they do work!

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