[Hidden-tech] micro film festival at the chop shop in northampton saturday night

matthew at the-spa.com matthew at the-spa.com
Tue Feb 1 15:43:42 EST 2005

this is sort of an informal thing that sprang up on the movietalk
list but i don't think it was posted on here, if it has i apologize
in advance...

this is an opportunity for local people to show whatever sort of
video projects they have done. the criteria was sort of decided for
time reasons that the pieces should be around 30 minutes or less.

the thinking is there are a lot of people in the valley doing
video/film stuff who don't know each other and david, the owner of
the chop shop, has been kind enough to offer his place as venue for
this get together.

so anyway, if you have anything you made video-wise or if you just
want to come see what other people have done come to the chop shop at
7pm saturday night.

the chop shop, it is a few doors down from the iron horse, i believe
the building is called the center commons? 5th floor.



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