[Hidden-tech] Conference room space needed October 22-23

Dave DelVecchio DDelVecchio at for-ibs.com
Tue Aug 23 15:48:31 EDT 2005

Hi Marcia,

We have a training room available for rent with eight internet-ready PCs
loaded with Office Professional, QuickBooks, and protected by Symantec
AntiVirus.  The room can comfortably fit 12 students if not all need PC
access.  Food can be brought in (provided it's kept away from the PCs),
and the room features a separate entrance and private restroom for

Unfortunately, it's only available during business hours, Monday through
Friday.  If you can adjust your schedule accordingly, or wish to use us
as a resource for a future event, please feel free to contact me to
discuss pricing and details at your convenience.

Our training room is available for rent to all hidden-tech members (or

Dave DelVecchio
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Innovative Business Systems, Inc.
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Easthampton, MA 01027
Phone: 413-584-4274 
E-mail: ddelvecchio at for-ibs.com

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Anyone have a conference room or lead on one that can
comfortably accommodate up to nine people for a two-day
seminar on Saturday and Sunday October 22-23?  I need to
postpone my September Marketing for More seminar till then.

I'll pay a reasonable rental rate.  If there's no eating
place nearby then I'll have breakfast and lunch brought in,
so that should be OK.  (We'll clean up afterwards, too, of

Thanks for any leads.

Marcia Yudkin
Author, Consultant, Marketeer
Info on the seminar:  

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