Fwd: [Hidden-tech] Tax preparation -Efficiency and effectiveness (productivity), Tax-software advice ?

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Thu Aug 18 09:45:14 EDT 2005

I think Gerry Hersh on Market Street in Noho is one of the best around for 
small companies. He was a panelist on a tax prep program we ran a year ago 
or so.

Amy Zuckerman
Hidden-Tech Founder, co-chair

>Does anybody have/know a tax preparer who interfaces
>well with TurboTax or the like?
>I find myself, year-after-year, wrestling with my
>own overly-complicated tax declaration (business,
>self-employment, IRAs and other investments,
>foreign tax credit).
>I often think I know far too little about using
>the power of today's technologies effectively or
>collaboratively in this area.  But no tax preparer
>I've used seems able or inclined to help.  In a
>bad year preparation fees approach taxes paid.
>Has anyone found a tax preparer who specializes
>(coaches) in leveraging, say, TurboTax to:
>   o  Make preparation quicker, simpler, cheaper
>   o  Better use data already collected with Quicken
>   o  Leave more time to focus on
>        - Tax and financial planning
>        - Paying neither more, nor less, than one's share
>        - Accuracy in following IRS regulations
>          (not inviting an audit)
>Tom Goldsmith
>Northampton, MA
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