[Hidden-tech] Helping others without broadband

Matthew Crocker matthew at crocker.com
Mon Aug 8 12:06:07 EDT 2005

> License agreement - maybe and then there is the issue of is it  
> enforceable and so what if you violate it ?
> Local ordinance - I expect unlikely -- besides isn't the 'local'  
> who we are ?
> Also I wonder if anyone as explored WiMax in this context - it is a  
> somewhat new longer range version of
> WiFi - it is early since some standards are still not out yet.

I'm working on a WiFi/WiMAX system to service Shutesbury/Levrett.    
Current plan is to bounce a signal from 1 Federal St. to Mount Tom  
and then over to Mount Toby.  I still  need to find antenna  
placements and I'm evaluating some hardware vendors.

I plan on using licensed frequencies for the backbone they are more  
expensive but much more reliable. I'll most likely use 900Mhz for  
distribution to the home so the 2.4/5.7 Ghz stuff in the home won't  
interfere with the service.

I have a chunk of money coming in from a state contract which I can  
use to get a wireless system established.  Hopefully all of the  
budgets work and I can do it before years end.


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