[Hidden-tech] Helping others without broadband

Rich rich at on-the-net.com
Fri Aug 5 14:31:56 EDT 2005

As webmaster and steering committee/board member, I think I can speak 
for us all
when I say that such a details overview from Matt is NOT excessive 
advertising or marketing,
and we welcome his comments.

I want to add kudos and support to Matt's comments, as one of our most 
energetic LOCAL ISP,
Crocker has done an exemplary effort in support the local area far in 
excess of what one might
even expect from a local company -- and esp when they have to constantly 
battle Verizon for access
and support that legally Verizon is required to provide.


Matthew Crocker wrote:

> I don't like marketing on a mailing list.  I HATE spam as well.  I  
> apologize if I offend anyone with this message.
> The answer to helping others without broadband is to support your  
> favorite local ISP. Wether it is MAP, Eclectechs or Crocker we are  
> all here to provide service to the community.  We also KEEP YOUR  
> MONEY LOCAL and re-invest into the valley. 

etc etc etc

> for more information,  contact Aron at the Shutesbury-Leverett  
> Broadband Committee or Jessica at the Franklin Regional Counil of  
> Governments (FRCOG/PVC).   Or call/e-mail me directly.   I would love  
> to detail the problems/plans we have to solve them.
> Call your Congressmen/women and try to get them to stop the stupid  
> anti-competitive tract that the FCC has taken.

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