[Hidden-tech] Helping others without broadband

Matthew Crocker matthew at crocker.com
Fri Aug 5 13:05:23 EDT 2005

I don't like marketing on a mailing list.  I HATE spam as well.  I  
apologize if I offend anyone with this message.

The answer to helping others without broadband is to support your  
favorite local ISP. Wether it is MAP, Eclectechs or Crocker we are  
all here to provide service to the community.  We also KEEP YOUR  
MONEY LOCAL and re-invest into the valley.

Did you know that we have invested >$1Million over the last couple  
years to build our network to support the under served areas?
Did you know that we have been chosen by the Pioneer Valley Connect  
as the 'provider of choice' in the valley?
Did you know that almost all of the K12 schools in Franklin County  
run on our network and we are saving the rural schools LOTS of money  
and providing exceptional service.

Did you know that if you can get Verizon DSL you can get Crocker DSL  
and keep your money local. And, if you have Verizon DSL already you  
can switch to Crocker DSL with minimal down time.
Did you know that we will spend >$350k in the next 6 months to  
establish Voice/VoIP and network infrastructure from Springfield to  

Check out The Pioneer Valley Connect   
(www.pioneervalleyconnect.org).  They have been working on this  
problems for 5 years now and have made some great progress.  We have  
support of  the communities and of the policy makers in the area.  We  
need the support of the businesses and people of the valley.

Right now we have a Gigabit per second of bandwidth running to  
Greenfield, Northampton and Springfield.
I'm looking into 100mbps wireless offerings from Springfield,  
bouncing signals off Mount Tom to reach the under served rural area.

Just know that there are local companies in the area that are capable  
and working very hard to meet the needs of the valley.

For more information,  contact Aron at the Shutesbury-Leverett  
Broadband Committee or Jessica at the Franklin Regional Counil of  
Governments (FRCOG/PVC).   Or call/e-mail me directly.   I would love  
to detail the problems/plans we have to solve them.

Call your Congressmen/women and try to get them to stop the stupid  
anti-competitive tract that the FCC has taken.


Matthew S. Crocker
Vice President
Crocker Communications, Inc.
Internet Division
PO BOX 710
Greenfield, MA 01302-0710


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