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Aron Goldman goldman at policydevelopment.org
Wed Aug 3 12:02:32 EDT 2005

    So it is particularly important for you to come and tell your  
story about your broadband struggles anywhere in the Valley. She wil  
be spending the whole day with us, so if you'd like to meet up with  
us at another time (like lunch at noon in downtown amherst) please  
let me know immediately.
Thanks, and this could make a huge difference!
Aron P. Goldman, Chair
Shutesbury-Leverett Broadband Committee
Tel: 413 549 1193
web site: www.slbc.us

To all those interested in broadband for unserved areas of the Valley!

New and exciting possibilities have emerged as a result of our recent  
coverage in the Hampshire Gazette and the very popular DSL Reports  
(full stories: www.slbc.us/news.html)! Verizon continues to pretend  
we do not exist, but several experts and companies from near and far  
are approaching us with new ideas (and investment dollars?) for  
broadband solutions. In addition to internet access, VOIP telephone  
services may also be possible--giving families and businesses the  
option of liberating themselves from Verizon entirely!

To find out more and get involved, come to the Shutesbury-Leverett  
Broadband Committee meeting on THURSDAY, August 4th, at 7 pm, at the  

Please notice the proposed agenda and suggested reading below.

And please keep in touch!


PS. Factoid of the day: Did you know that this monthly email goes to  
176 Shutes/Lev households, 18 political representatives and staff, 8  
local and national reporters, and 38 providers (incl. Comcast and  
Verizon), 30 industry experts, and my father-in-law)?
Aron P. Goldman, Chair
Shutesbury-Leverett Broadband Committee
Tel: 413 549 1193
web site: www.slbc.us

1. Introductions
2. Approve Minutes
3. Approve Agenda
4. Ecosee (www.ecosee.com/about.html)
5. WaveIP (www.waveip.com)
6. Crocker
7. Other business
8. Next Meeting?

1. Tales From a Broadband Black Hole: Some towns don't have DSL, much  
less fiber (DSL Reports, 7/15/05)

2. Users go public with Internet plea - Roadside signs appeal to  
Verizon (Hampshire Gazette, 7/14/05)

3. Municipal Broadband Wireless Trends

4. Telecom Reform Bill Introduced: Incumbent Providers Thrilled

5. FCC chief pushes for easing rules on DSL broadband (Reuters, 7/26/05)

6. Symmetrical 10Mbps Fiber for $40


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