[Hidden-tech] Query on computer programming skills

A - Z International az at a-zinternational.com
Tue Dec 14 10:34:12 EST 2004

Hi all,

We are fast developing an on line skills survey for the membership and 
would like some input for the computer programming skills section so you 
aren't scanning 20-plus specialties on a pull-down chart. What we need to 
know is what YOU consider to be the most prevalent skills in demand by the 
software industry today so that if a company was seeking programmers to 
hire from Hidden-Tech they would see we have the skilled people here.

Here are two examples of skills we know are in demand for programmers -- 
Java and .NET.

Any others? I'm collecting the top five or so.

You can post to the list or email me directly at az at a-zinternational.com.


Amy Zuckerman
Hidden-Tech founder, co-chair


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