[Hidden-tech] We need used office furniture and someone to sublease office space

Howard Schultz hschultz at cs.umass.edu
Sun Dec 5 17:23:53 EST 2004


My company, IAVO* Research and Scientific, is opening up a new office 
near Amherst center.  We are leasing more space than we currently need 
in the hope that we will be expanding next year.  In the mean time, we 
would like to sublease some of our space to an individual or another 
small business.  Please send email if you are interested.

We are also looking to buy used office furniture.  We need everything 
desks, conferences tables, guest chairs, etc.

Thank you


The primary business of IAVO (International Association of Virtual 
Organizations) Research and Scientific is the production of softcopy 
photogrammetry software and services.

Howard Schultz
Aerial Vision Inc.
schultz at aerialvision.com
(413) 545-3482


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