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Lynne Rudie lynnerudiedesign at gmail.com
Wed May 27 16:48:22 UTC 2020

Hello Hidden Techies — 
	I have a question about Word that I hope someone can help me with. 
	First, I don’t use Word for anything of my own but I have clients who send me Word documents so that I can cut and paste the text into my layout files. I am currently working on a pro bono project for an organization I belong to. The Word document I have received is mostly “regular” text but there are a few pages that are simple charts that I need to format appropriately.
	The problem is that when I click on a chart in the Word document it acts as though it is a small spread sheet and I am unable to extract the content as plain text. I am told that there is an easy way to extract the text but no one in the organization has been able to tell me how to do it. 
	If someone on this awesome list can help me out I would be very grateful.
	Thank you!

Lynne Rudie Graphic Design
See my contact info at: LynneRudie.com

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