[Hidden-tech] Mac data systems project

Rich@tnr rich at tnrglobal.com
Fri Nov 22 23:35:18 UTC 2019

I'm been working with a number of museums and on various digitization 
project for myself and others, on many platforms,
as well as art handling projects (photo/scan, digitize, copyright) and 
on various creative economy projects in the region,
including large scale and cloud archive technology. (personal servers 
have 28T, big enough ??)

I don't see an attached email for followup - so send me offlist.


On 11/22/2019 5:30 PM, Stacy Kontrabecki via Hidden-discuss wrote:
> Posting for a friend who is working on a large project. Hope someone 
> can help her.
> “Wanted: local tech wizard/witch who can advise and execute 
> consolidation of multiple devices, devise an organizational system for 
> abundant data and consult regarding long term implications of 
> digitization of extensive hard copy materials vis-à-vis the conception 
> and maintenance of “an artist’s archive.”
> Stacy
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