[Hidden-tech] Home automation projects?

Aaron E-J the at otherrealm.org
Sun Nov 3 19:58:59 UTC 2019

*Home automation projects?*

I previously had mentioned my interest in starting a general purpose 
makerspace; however, if my interpretation of the description of the new 
makerspace at Mount Holyoke College as being open to the public is 
correct, this could be used for such a purpose. It is more the creation 
of groups of people who want to work on things together that I have 
realized I am more interested in promulgating. I am specifically 
interested in finding a group of people who are looking to work on home 
automation projects together. These could be: a more practical version 
of Roomba that doesn't fill up right away and is not a circular shape, 
indoor garden systems you grow in your basement in the winter, automated 
cooking systems, assistive technology things for disabled or the 
elderly, new IoT (Internet of Things) sensor systems, or something else. 
The aim is to agree on a project that people are interested in bringing 
to market and eventually starting a cooperative business on, if and when 
the project proves efficacious.If you are interested, please, please 
reply and share what your project interests are! When we find enough 
people, we can meet up (virtually or in person) and agree on a first 
idea. We may be able to work on things virtually to begin, depending on 
what the idea we agree on is.

Please subscribe to the Facebook group I made (below) and reply and 
share what your project interests are!

and/or you can subscribe to the mailing list:
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(not much right now, more to come)

Aaron E-J
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