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Regardless of whether the radio enthusiasts are into this, it sounds like a good business idea for the area, given the growing popularity of drones.




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You might want to get in touch with someone at the Hampshire County Radio Controllers. This is a long standing local club that builds and flies all kinds of radio controlled airplanes. Many of them are also into drones and they might be a good resource for you. 

                You can find their website at hampshirecountyrc.org <http://hampshirecountyrc.org> . You will find links to local repair shops, in case you haven’t found them all yet.  

                You can also be in touch with the club president, Mike Shaw at mshaw.spfld at gmail.com <mailto:mshaw.spfld at gmail.com>  (the other club officers can be found on the front page of the newsletters, which are also linked on the website). 

                The club is having their monthly meeting this coming thursday at their flying field in Hadley if you want to meet them and/or pick their brains in person. I’m a member but am not able to attend this month’s meeting but you will find them to be personable and helpful. 

                Good luck





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Does anybody know of a good place to get a drone repaired in the area?  Instead of sending my Phantom 3 to some repair center far away I’d rather take it to a local shop, but I’m not finding anything closer than Boston.







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