[Hidden-tech] More game development

Alan Frank alan at 8wheels.org
Sat Apr 27 12:26:48 UTC 2019

After working for The Man most of my life, I have taken a generous 
"early retirement" package and am planning to use some of my free time 
doing game development--online implementation of existing tabletop games 
and creation of new tabletop games.  I have a plan for a first online 
game, to be funded initially by Kickstarter and later by subscription 
fees and advertising.  I think I know what I'm doing in general and am 
looking for two additional developers to cover the parts I'm not 
comfortable with: one to do the UI programming and one to do the 
non-game programming (advertising, subscription payments, security, 
social media interaction, etc.).  And of course both to help make sure 
that the path I have in mind makes sense and to help refine it as we 
move forward.

These are not intended, at least initially, to be full-time permanent 
positions, but something one can do on the side or while between jobs.  
Payment, assuming the Kickstarter project is funded, would be partly 
cash and partly equity.  Please respond directly to me if you think you 
might be interested in working on this or to the group if you have 
general questions of clarification.


P.S. Until I'm able to support myself with games, I am looking for 
part-time or contract work.  https://www.linkedin.com/in/alan-d-frank/


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