[Hidden-tech] Recommendations for tax preparer?

Andy Klapper atk at AndyKlapper.com
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I just use TurboTax (Home & Business) for my personal/LLC tax returns and it
works well for me.  As for filing an extension ... I've done so many times
so I could stuff more money into my 401k for the prior tax year.  Be warned
however, you still have to pay all of the taxes you owe on the 15th which
means that you should have already figured out your taxes by the 15th.  You
are simply asking for more time before you explain to the government why you
paid what you pay them by the 15th.  You need to make sure that you are
getting zero or more dollars back from the IRS at the time you file for an
extension or you will be hit with a penalty when you finally file your

I hope that helps,

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My tax preparer was recently diagnosed with cancer and has abruptly dropped
all her clients, so I'm in immediate need of finding a new person to at
least prep to file for an extension on April 15.

I operate as a sole proprietor/DBA (not LLC).

Ideally, looking down the road a couple years or so, I'd like to find a
person able to advise/assist with any issues arising from my anticipated
move to Europe but continuing to work with my U.S.
clients; as long as I'm looking for a new preparer I'd rather find the right
person now (with that international knowledge) and stick with them.

There's no particular need from my end that this person be local; the one
I've worked with for the past 15 years lives in Texas.

Thanks in advance for recommendations.



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