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Sam McClellan sam at itabix.com
Wed Mar 21 23:06:40 EDT 2018

Hi Mik,

I started with Tucows back in 2000 or so but they were pretty expensive 
then and not a great interface. We use resellerclub.com which is owned 
by directi.com. They have four tiers for domain pricing based on how 
much you deposit (either in one lump sum or over time). You can see 
their pricing here:
for example, if you are just starting out .com is $9.99 once you've 
spent $3000 it's $8.89. .net is $13.69 down to $12.49, .org $12.09 down 
to $10.99, biz $12.69 down to $11.59, etc. There are several other 
resellers using Directi, resell.biz probably has the best overall deal 
on common tld's but not as good with less common, and it doesn't have 
tiered pricing so you get very good pricing right away - .com is $8.61, 
.net is $10.28, .org is $10.28, .biz is $9.63. Also reseller.com, unlike 
resell.biz, charges around a 2% fee to add funds, so resell.biz is 
definitely the better deal but reseller.com has more consistent support 
in my experience and the difference is minor once you've spent/deposited 

Domains from each of these include free nameservers/dns management and 
child nameservers, two free 100mb email accounts including webmail, 
unlimited email forwards, free domain forwarding, and privacy protection 
is $3 with resellerclub and $1.65 with resell.biz, a lot cheaper than 
the larger domain registrars.  They also have bulk domain transfer 
support. The interface is somewhat quirky but quite useable once you get 
used to it. (The GoDaddy interface makes me crazy whenever I need to 
transfer a domain or especially work on or transfer a website, although 
I imagine one gets used to it. Plus I could never forgive them for those 
sexist ads. At least they don't put obstacles in the way of transfers 
like Network Solutions and Register.com.)

We also use cPanel and WHMCS on our servers which allows customers to 
manage their own services as much as they want, it's not perfect but 
it's very good and all the Directi companies integrate with it, as well 
as most other domain resellers and a lot of other providers.

I totally agree domain reselling isn't about making money but saving 
headaches and heartaches. I had so many clients who lost their domain 
through ignorance, email account change, etc. and you end up feeling 
obligated to help them regain it if possible. So much aggravation and 
lost time and, often enough, the web client thought it was our fault. A 
fair chunk of people don't know the difference between web hosting and 
domain registration (or internet access, for that matter).

I'm happy to answer questions.


On 3/21/2018 1:06 PM, Michael Muller wrote:
> Hello all,
> Montague WebWorks uses GoDaddy for its registrar, and we now hold 394 
> domain names there.
> While for the most part I enjoy their Domain Manager, there is always 
> room for improvements... as well as possible savings.
> GoDaddy has a bulk-buying club, of sorts. You pay something like $125 
> a year to get reduced pricing, so most domains cost about $9.20 
> instead of $15. We charge our customers only $10/year to manage their 
> domains for them, which saves us TONS of time tracking down and 
> assisting them in managing their domains at whatever registrar they 
> initially bought itif they forgot to renew or their card expired. I'm 
> more than happy to make only 80c per year on these domainsfor this reason.
> I don't relish the thought of transferring that many domain names to 
> another registrar, but I'm curious who any of you use if you host 
> websites and manage domains for your customers.
> My questions are:
>   * Who do you useas a registrar, if not GoDaddy?
>   * Do they have a white-label service, and if so, what does it cost?
>   * How much do you pay per domain, on average?
>   * How good is their management platform? Can you make
>     multiple-domain changes in a single action?
>   * Any other good tips.
> Thanks,
> Mik
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> Mik Muller, president
> Montague WebWorks
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