[Hidden-tech] accessing files off a floppy

Jan Werner jwerner at jwdp.com
Fri Mar 9 07:09:35 EST 2018

You can buy USB external floppy disk drives that work with both PCs and Macs for less than 
$15 on Amazon.

If you are digging through old documents stored on disc, you probably should have one of 
those around.

Jan Werner

Stacy Kontrabecki wrote:
> I'm working on a guided walking tour project for Shelburne, MA's 250th
> celebration this year and there is a valuable document from a Berkshire
> historical society that no one has access to as it is on a floppy disk.
> Do you have a PC set up that can access the file I need on this disk?
> Thanks.
> Stacy Kontrabecki
> PS: Anyone with experience in AR apps for tours - I'd love to speak with
> you.
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