[Hidden-tech] How to remain connected when traveling to Europe

Jeremy Wise jeremywise at readingsuccesslab.com
Sun Mar 4 18:12:21 EST 2018

Thanks to everyone for their helpful suggestions!


I use Verizon Wireless and they have a plan similar to what people have
described for ATT, T-Moble etc, tho getting that info wasn't easy.


Many thanks, Jeremy Wise


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We've done a fair bit of traveling in the last few years.

Our phones are on t-mobile and we just have to activate international
service, no extra charge on our plan.

For ipads, we use AT&T and they have a monthly international service on the
pay as you go option,
I think it was $30/month -- although warning their north america is really
USA - does NOT include Canada, no idea about Mexico.

As for as hotel access, now a days, most hotels everywhere provide free or
cheap wifi.
Even free in many public places -- for example, check out

Also, note that using an american credit card, still required a signature,
even though EU cards needed a pin.
That is for charges - ATM all need pins, same as USA

Happy Trails - Rich

On 3/4/2018 4:25 PM, Jeremy Wise wrote:

Does anyone have experience maintaining secure, reliable internet access
while traveling abroad in Europe.


In the US I have a cell plan where my phone is my hotspot and anywhere  I go
here allows me to connect seamlessly so long as there is decent cell


I am hoping to replicate this in Europe.



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