[Hidden-tech] Best Wordpress theme suppliers

Sam McClellan sam at itabix.com
Wed Jan 31 12:36:50 EST 2018

Hi Rich - I enjoy working with Divi by Elegant Themes 
https://elegantthemes.com, it's very clean which I like, and very 
flexible and has a visual page builder with lots of nice functions built 
in that are designed to work with the theme. Most of the sites I'm 
making now are using a child theme based on it. There are also a lot of 
child themes for it. It's not perfect, but I've tried a lot of themes 
and I like this best. It's also in very active development with a large 
number of 3rd party add-ons like Divi Booster, and they have a great 
blog. The membership for $89/year gives you access to all their themes 
and plugins for use on unlimited sites.They seem to have very good 
support although I've never had to use it.


On 1/31/2018 12:09 PM, Rich Roth wrote:
> I've moved (or are moving) our various web sites from Joomla to Wordpress
> Or upgrading WP sites
> Any comments as to good wordpress theme developers/suppliers or WP theme
> builder/tools
> I'm not looking for local WP developers, those I know.
> Looking for suggestions or experience with developers with a line of
> themes or a good theme builder tool.
> Ones I'm looking at include iThemes
> Woothemes seems to only WooCommerce related now

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