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Greg Caulton greg at gregcaulton.com
Thu Jan 18 16:37:57 EST 2018

G’day y’all :-)

A friend of mine -- Glenn Armitage -- is looking for some programing help to finish off a project (see below for details).

You can respond to Glenn directly at -- garmitage at hampshire.edu

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The Lemelson Sign-in System (LeSS) exists as two parts: a user interface and an administration interface. 

Both interfaces are run as locally-hosted web pages on a Raspberry Pi, so working knowledge of CSS and HTML are required. 

The system makes extensive use of JavaScript and JQuery, and uses a PHP and MySQL backend. System management is done via SSH tunnel. From least to most important, programming language requirements are: CSS, HTML, JQuery, BASH, MySQL, PHP, JavaScript. 

Also required would be some basic knowledge of GNU/Linux (specifically, Raspbian), Nginx, SSH, and VNC. 

As of now the user interface of the system is pretty much finished, with the exception of automatic logouts after a set period of time and a few small graphical errors. 

The administration interface is what needs the most work, requiring (among other things) a user-friendly log viewer, completed user editing system, and a complete consolidation of the backend (data validation code is currently all over the place, when it should really just be in one single PHP file). 

Rebuilding the backend in a better language (like Python) would probably be possible and might be advisable in the long run. 

Some system documentation exists, and a lot of the code is heavily commented already. I can go over how the system works in more detail with anyone willing to take over and finish development.


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