[Hidden-tech] Entry level Web Designer/Developer Looking for Work!

Greg . lightening48 at gmail.com
Tue Jun 21 15:21:42 EDT 2016

Hi everyone!

My name is Greg Jacoby, and I am an entry level web designer/developer. I
have been studying on my own for about 8 months and am proficient in HTML,
CSS, and JS; and am currently studying NodeJS and MongoDB. I have worked
with JQuery, Semantic UI, and Bootstrap 3 & 4.

Unfortunately, I do not have a professional portfolio as I've done no
professional work, but I do have examples of some of the things I've
created in my self studies as well as mock up designs for potential jobs.

I'd love to do any project, big or small, and if your project happens to
need something that I haven't specifically listed here, don't hesitate to
contact me anyway! I'm a quick learner and very passionate about web
design, so often I can teach myself what needs to be done to suit your

Contract work or a steady part time gig would work well for me. You can
reach me at 203-820-0467 via text or phone call, or e-mail me at
lightening48 at gmail.com.

Thank you so much!

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