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Karen Christensen karen at berkshirepublishing.com
Mon Jun 6 16:06:01 EDT 2016

My small team is integrating a backend Access SQL database with Wordpress to migrate our publishing website (www.berkshirepublishing.com) to Wordpress (visible at (www.berkshirepublishing.com/blog<http://www.berkshirepublishing.com/blog> - the real blog is at /blog/blog). We could use help from someone experienced with (1) Wordpress plugins for handling additional content ¨C in our case, book reviews, press releases, testimonials, podcasts, and article teasers. The site will be a Woocommerce-based ecommerce store, too. We are focusing on a modern, responsive design with clean aesthetics. We also are interested in someone with experience with (2) Google analytics and (3) Wordpress backups and security. Help with our launch could lead to long-term gig.

Please send an email detailing your experience with the three items things listed above, and tell me something about yourself. Do take a look at our old and new sites before you write. If you know database architecture and SQL, that would be a plus.

Best regards, Karen.

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