[Hidden-tech] employment agency recommendations in the area

Donald M Stevens dstevens at tryandfindit.com
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Jackie is outstanding!

I have worked with her (and many others) over the years.

What you need is a real "professional" Recruiter...
not someone just collecting a commission...

Jackie will get you into the "right fit" for your technical skills as well as what fits your "person"... most recruiters are not capable of doing that... (in my experience)

the sites of indeed and such, will get you allot of emails coming in from Headhunters or so called Recruiters.... but it would be like winning the lottery to get one of those to be a perfect match for you.
I will say that these emails do give you at least an idea of what is out there, what company (actually recruiters / headhunters) are willing to pay.... Also shows you if there is a need for your expertise.

Good Luck!

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