[Hidden-tech] Anyone of a research mind ?? a funded project to be had

Rich Roth webmaster at hidden-tech.net
Sat Jan 30 08:58:51 EST 2016

They say there are more doctorates in the valley then you can shake a stick at,
SO do we have anyone on the list who might take them up on this.

It looks like 2 parts:
(1) A researcher to layout the project
(2) some number pf people to be selected to be funded, no string attached.

> We’d like to fund a study on basic income—i.e., giving people enough money to live on 
> with no strings attached.
> We’re looking for one researcher who wants to work full-time on this project for 5 years 
> as part of YC Research. We’d like someone with some experience doing this kind of 
> research, but as always we’re more interested in someone’s potential than his or her past. 


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