[Hidden-tech] Where do you look up a phone number?

Ed Bride Ed at edbride-pr.com
Tue Feb 16 14:17:35 EST 2016

For a landline, I still use the old-fashioned approach: the phone book. For
reverse lookup, I start with Google; most businesses can be identified that
way. If it's a private number, there are several apps that can get you
closer, but they cost; I know there are one or two free apps, but I've
forgotten what they're called. And by "free reverse phone lookup," some apps
mean "after paying one fee, your lookups are free and unlimited."


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Hi all,

If you wanted to either look up someone's residential landline phone number
or do a reverse search on a phone number you have, which online
directory/ies would you use?

I know I can Google this info, but I have a very specific reason to take an
informal survey here, based on existing usage trends.




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