[Hidden-tech] What to do with Cords 'n Cables, Chargers n converters.

Kiernan Gulick-Sherrill kiernan at greenearthpc.us
Mon Feb 15 01:09:06 EST 2016


For Ink Cartridges, Cables, Adapters, phones, mp3 players etc we can
recycle at Green Earth Computers office in Northampton entirely for free if
you want to swing by.

For items larger than a laptop we do charge small recycling fees.
Similarly if you are bringing in media with personal data on it, we do
charge a $10 destruction/shredding fee for destroying the data/drives.

For Printers, Scanners, etc Staples is often willing to do free recycling
and actually has a pretty good program.

Kiernan Gulick-Sherrill
Green Earth Computers
kiernan at greenearthpc.us

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On Sun, Feb 14, 2016 at 12:53 PM, Mathew Jacobson <mat at 4d4s.org> wrote:

> Like so many others, I imagine, I have boxes of cords and cables,
> adapters, chargers and converters. Scanners, zip drives, laptop docks, etc.
> Does anyone salvage these things?
> Recycle these things?
> Do I throw them away?
> Thanks!
> Mat
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